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Misc  Photos on Hal's Flikr.com site

Halco Life Safety Systems, Inc.

Around the Island in a Sea Pearl

Beach cruising on a Sea Pearl

First Ham License  W5BPH in 1953. Now KG5SR Born in Amarillo and raised in Texas City, Tx. University of Houston, GE, NASA, and finally Business owner past 15 years. Now retired.

Hal DeVaney

   Galveston Yacht Club

Galveston Yacht Basin




Flicka Dodgers and Bimini

Inside a Tiller Pilot

Monitor installation on a Flicka 20

Flicka - MOJO

Flicka Folding Table

Flicka CabinProjects

Ken's Bristol Channel Cutter


Yahoo Flicka20 List

Flicka20 Website



Kicking back on my Sailboat "Kittiwake"